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" Anand has this very pure type of innocence in his realism that makes his paintings very good. When you look at his elephant, you want to give it a big hug,” Wickiser said and laughed. “ That takes a lot of talent to make you feel like that. You can paint an elephant and it doesn’t speak to you. It’s just dead. But his works speak to you. "

- Walter Wickiser interviewed by New York Daily News : President: Walter Wickiser Gallery, Inc, New York - February 7, 2014


“ You are clearly TALENTED”, I look forward to hearing of more good things to come for you ”

- Tanyanika : Writer: New York Daily News - Feb 19, 2013


" TRULY ART FELT …The self-taught artist is one step closer to realizing his dreams "

- New York Daily News: America’s 4th Largest News Paper - February 7, 2013


" As a painter, Anand PKC has procured for himself abilities that are so effective that he can convincingly render anything he decides to portray. His technical skills, to some extent the result of his mother’s teaching, are remarkable for their delicacy and detail. The dedicated realism of Anand’s work demonstrates strong feeling as well as intellectual insight and technical control; these three aspects of his sensibility merge together in an art that exceeds our expectations as viewers of realist painting. His skillful application of paint comes at a time when dexterity is no longer considered that important in the creation of an image, yet Anand moves in the direction of accomplished virtuosity that irresistibly claims his audience’s attention "

- Jonnathan Goodman : A Writer based in New York City. He has well known for such publications as “Art In America ”, “Sculpture” and “Art Crtical”. He is currently teaching in Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design, NY - November 21, 2012


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